These are some answers to common questions about renting a tuxedo:

Q: Do I need an appointment to book a wedding?

A: You don't need an appointment, but it is recommended. There are times when we get busy, and having an appointment allows us to have a staff member available to help you.

Q: How early should I book my wedding?

A: The sooner the better! Between 4-12 months before the wedding is ideal to allow time to receive measurements and order pieces if needed.

Q: When do the guys in my wedding need their measurements to you?

A: We should have all the measurements, excluding ring-bearer, two months before the wedding. Because the ring bearer is still growing, his measurements can be received one month out from the wedding.

Q: Do the guys in my wedding need to be measured at J. Patrick's? 

A: Not at all! We don't want anyone to have to drive a long distance just to get measured. We do ask that they get measured at a tuxedo rental establishment and try on a style similar to the tuxedo they will be wearing at the wedding.

Q: Can you match David's Bridal colors?

A: Yep. We are always updating our vest and tie lines to allow us to help find the perfect match.

Q: When can I come pick up my tux?

A: It will be available two days before the wedding. This means if the wedding is on Saturday, your tux is available on Thursday.

Q: Do I have to try on my tux when I pick it up?

A: We very strongly recommend that you do. Nearly 50% of out-of-town measurements need adjusting. Trying the tuxedo on in the store allows our staff to make the adjustments without an extra trip.

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